Friday, June 19, 2009

Too long silent.

Trying to do better about adding something to the blog even if music isn't the centerpiece.

Down here in the South, summer has descended with a vengeance. Let's conjugate the weather -

Last week - wet, wetter, wettest.
This week - hot, hotter, hottest.
Next week - sweat, sweater, sweatiest.

Monroeville gig June 5 at Beehive Coffee and Books was a treat - intimate venue, great coffee, teas, etc., wonderful unamplified acoustics and a packed and enthusiastic crowd.

Back to Monroeville June 23 to talk to and perform for the Kiwanis Club. Civic groups such as this are valuable to the community. They know their town and its needs and work to foster better relationships and improve life around them.

Sopchoppy, Florida, home to The Frog and Hummingbird Co./Butterfield Roadhouse (another delightful easy-to-listen-in venue), is southwest of Tallahassee and east of Apalachicola (I'll get out my map just to be sure). They host jams during the week and a Friday or two each month have a featured artist. I'll be there Friday, Oct. 16, 7:30 to 10 pm.

In the meantime I'm working toward gigs in Panama City, Birmingham, and Atlanta this summer. Also, a Fall performance at a venue in Montgomery that will be celebrating Abraham Lincoln. Yea. I know. In some parts of the country he's not the most-liked personality. But give him his due. It wasn't just a war he was facing, but a civil war. I'll have more info as we firm-up the date, and regardless of your feelings toward Mr. Lincoln everyone will be welcome to attend.